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Dimitrov and Partners is a Law firm, which can provide full legal services in all legal areas, including Property law. Furthermore, they can ensure a range of additional services related to the acquisition of the property through the outer experts they work with.

The Law firm provides advice related to the sale and purchase of real estates, including advices on the procedure, the ways and means of acquiring the property and the property rights, all legal aspects involved according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, considering as well the advantages of acquiring property and the property of the clients’ choice in particular. The experts of the firm consult on the relevant tax issues as well.

The team is versed in carrying out checks for encumbrances on the property in the Property Register, examining the property for lack of pending lawsuits and restitution claims, and making sure that the plots are not kept in an agricultural or forestry funds. The lawyers can prepare documents for the incorporation of a company, if necessary and required by the potential buyers, in order to acquire the property.

It is standard for the Law Firm to prepare a preliminary contract for the purchase of real estate, a final contract in the form of a notary deed, as well as all other documents necessary for the signing of the notary deed and the conclusion of the transaction.
The Dimitrov and Partners lawyers represent the clients in negotiations before banks or other institutions, which finance deals with real estate, and assist with the structuring of finances for investment projects.

Whenever needed, the lawyers provide legal court representation on cases about property, restricted property rights, real estate partition, breached possession, borders disputes, etc.

The legal consultants advise on the consequent property management, including when block of flats and joint ownership are concerned.

Due to the collaboration with professionals outside the legal sector Dimitrov and Partners Law Firm is able to provide complex and flexible services.

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