Welcome to Bulgaria!

Emerald sea shores, sapphire skies, magnificent mountain tops, picturesque rivers, a colourful range of valleys. Welcome to Bulgaria – a land of immense beauty! Simply imagine the rich palette of opportunities to experience including both tranquility and adventures of your choosing.

On the north our country borders the international Danube river, which provides conditions for romantic river cruises.
Our eastern border traces the Black sea with beaches, petit and grand, for every taste, with historic sites, golf and yachting.
Through the territory of Bulgaria spread like a spine is the Balkan, a mountain after which the whole peninsula is named.

A few hours drive away from the capital is the highest mountain peak on the peninsula – Musala, higher than the home of Greek gods Olympus, with its 2925m and fit for conquering by tourists.
Adding to the rich variety of natural recourses we have valleys and lowlands, revealing delightful rural landscapes.

The geographic location and the varying relief determine the climate and the availability of all four seasons to enjoy.
Consequently, we have been ranked first in Europe for the number of biological spices – with birds over 400 and about 100 mammals. In terms of vastness of its protected area (5 %), including reservations, parks, lakes and others, Bulgaria is third after Finland and Norway.

Situated in the very heart of Bulgaria, in the midst of our uplands, are the Rhodope Mountains. A magical combination of mystical sites, Paleolithic caves, unique Bulgarian cuisine, ski resorts and mineral baths, the Rhodope are a dream destination for both Bulgarians and foreigners.

Second in altitude in Bulgaria, intersected by many rivers and streams, home of some unique plant speciesр are the Pirin Mountains. Considered by many to be the most beautiful Bulgarian mountain range, Pirin provides you with spectacular opportunities for hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. Moreover, due to the favorable geological combination between an Alpine relief and Mediterranean climate, the Pirin Mountains have the highest number of sunny days throughout the year. Venturing on a trip to the Pirin National Park you may find unique Balkan flora species such as the Pirin Poppy and the Edelweiss. Held in the mountains, The Mummers Parade (also known in Bulgaria as The Kukeri Parade) and the National Folklore Festival “Pirin Sings” are among the most curious Bulgarian festivities.

For sports enthusiasts it is good to know that Bulgaria is proud of the achievements of Grigor Dimitrov on the tennis court, Veselin Topalov and Antoaneta Stefanova on the chess board, of Ivet Lalova, the 12th-fastest woman in the history of the 100 metres sprint.

One of the many faces of Bulgaria includes miles of sandy beaches situated at the foot of thickly afforested slopes enclosing the alluring emerald waters of the Black Sea. Our Riviera provides a mélange of opportunities for sightseeing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, or simply relaxing on some of the most beautiful beaches on the Balkans. Our restaurants and mussel farms combine both delicious sea food and traditional Bulgarian cuisine.

Amongst the range of sites to explore in Bulgaria are those included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage, such as the Boyana church in Sofia; the Madara Rider; Sreburna Nature Reserve, a lake district of serenity and beauty, home to the world’s largest freshwater bird – the Dalmatian pelican; the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo; the Thracian Tombs of Kazanlak and of Sveshtari; the Ancient City of Nessebar on the Black sea; the Pirin National Park. The Belogradchik Rocks were in the top of the charts for the New Seven Wonders of the World. Adding to the best known sites, there are places and spots to be found and experienced awaiting behind every next turn of the road. Discover them all for yourselves for a fulfilling experience, where nature and history are blended together.

Situated on a crossroad, the territory of Bulgaria is dappled with history from the Antiquity and the Middle Ages till nowadays. Thracians, Romans, Bulgarians and many others left behind fortresses, tombs, churches and treasures of all kinds, enriching significantly the Bulgarian historical and cultural background. Due to the fact that we are one of the oldest surviving civilizations and states in Europe and the ups and downs we’ve experienced throughout the ages, our history is miscellaneous in its vastness. Visit a site and the locals can regale you with legends and facts galore, both equally intriguing.
From ancient times till modern days Bulgaria has been going through political and structural changes that outline a diversity and density of a spirit of its own kind.

In recent years, including 2017, the real estate market has been stable and growing, providing environment for successful investment. It is advantageous that the living costs are lower than in the rest of Europe and the corporate tax and individual tax is only 10 %. The incorporation of a company is relatively simple and there are plenty of opportunities to start a business. It is valuable that healthcare services are easily accessed and affordable. Moreover, the locals are welcoming and helpful in benefit to your stay.