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Drinking Water Producing Plant

for sale / 600 sq.m. / € 500 000

Property # 10024

Products and production capacity
The plant produces the following types of products:

  • Bottled still mineral, spring and table water (0.25l to 10l. as well as in large 19l bottles)
  • Bottled sparkling mineral, spring and table water (0.25l to 2l)
  • Bottled carbonated soft drinks (0.25l – 3l)
  • Energy drinks in 250 ml cans.

Total annual capacity: 20 000 000 0.5l bottles in 8500 working hours.

General water sources specifications

Water is filled from the following sources:
Mineral water from a spring located within one kilometer from the city, 650 m above sea level. Spring water comes from a group of communicating springs, located at a height of 1100 m above sea level.


100 km away from Sofia, close to Balkan highway and railways. The plant is in the city quarter a height of 500 – 700 m above sea level. There is an unoccupied plot of land nearby suitable for future facility expansion. It is possible to transport the products by rail; public railway tracks are located 500 m away from the plant.

General hydrogeological characteristics of the spring

Mineral water was found in on the depth of 526 m. Water comes out under natural pressure 2.5 bar and is taken from the surface, “A” category – flow rate 4 l/s, sub-thermal water is 21°C.
Mineral water is taken from a group of springs (“A” category) at a height of 1100m above sea level; flow rate 18 l/s, sub-thermal water 12°C.

Certificates and water properties

In accordance with a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of Bulgaria, mineral water is characterized as brackish – 323 mg/l, hypothermal, without sanitary and chemical signs of microbial contamination. The water has consistent composition and physical and chemical properties and meets the requirements of Bulgarian legislation governing production and distribution of water resources, including use for drinking, bottling of natural mineral water, carbonated water and soft drinks. This water can be used in health resort and spa treatment and disease prevention, has a positive effect for the following diseases: renal and urologic diseases, digestive tract, liver, gall bladder, endocrinology, osteoporosis of different origin, allergic diseases, chronic intoxications of individuals exposed to harmful substances. Spring water mineralization is 69 mg/l, pH – 6,9 Na + – 16 mg/l and it is suitable for weight loss and dietic

Natural resources license

Owner of the plant has a right to use this water source based on the concession agreement with local government dd. 2006 with period of use 35 years. Transition to the water utilization scheme is currently discussed, this will help to significantly reduce the cost of the right of use. All the community-related provisions of the concession agreement are 100% fulfilled by the owner.
This mineral water is purified by hyperfiltration and conditioned to the table water state.
The offered company owns source of mineral water with water discharge 4.0 l/s.

Company’s assets and equipment. Scope of the sold property.

  • The plot of land owned by Company for construction of the bottled water filling plant in the city – 4500 square meters.
  • Water filling plant in located the city with all the required infrastructure:
  • Plant building 600 square meters, including production, utility and office rooms,
  • Two power lines for mineral and spring water with a total length of 2800 meters,
  • Electric transformer 800 kWh,
  • Access routes
  • Production equipment:
    • Automated bottled water production line (0.5 liters) with capacity up to 12 000 bottles per hour.
    • Automated bottled water production line for 19 liter large bottles with total capacity of 180 bottles per hour.
    • Bottling machine for bottled carbonated water and soft drinks filling with capacity of 750 bottles per hour.
    • Automated can sealing line with capacity of 800 Cola cans per hour. **Machine for production of packing containers for 6 and 12 bottles
    • The machine for manufacturing of pallets
  • Vehicles – 2 trucks, 4 cargo-and-personnel cars and one car trailer and three passenger cars.
  • Compressor 7.5 kW.
  • Water Tanks – 4 pcs.
  • Hyperfiltration system
  • Ultrafiltration system – 3 pcs.
  • Office equipment – computers, 3 equipped workplaces.
  • All the equipment was manufactured in 2008 – 2013, the countries of origin – Germany and the United States.


Mineral water bottling company is certified as follows:
International company “QMSCERT” with quality control ISO 9001:2000 and HASCP;
“TUEV NORD” – for a new integrated quality management system ISO 22000:2005, which is mandatory for Mineral water bottling companies since 2010.
The company owns two brands, the license term for which in 2016 but can be renewed within one month from the date of application submission of the application by the new owner.


Company’s direct sales office is located separately from production shop in a rented room. The company has long-term contracts for water sales, but due to high competition in the market, the production facility utilizes only one third of its capacity.


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Drinking Water Producing Plant

for sale / € 500 000

600 sq.m.

Products and production capacity The plant produces the following types of products: Bottled still mineral, …