Zabardo (old name: Chukurköy) is a village in southern Bulgaria. It is located in a mountain region in Chepelare municipality, Smolyan region. 10 km away from Zabardo there is the natural phenomenon Wonderful Bridges which is one interesting sightseeing. In the vicinity of the village there are many caves, each with its own history.

Zabardo is a village in South-Central Bulgaria. The village is very old – there is evidence that it existed already in the 4th – 5th century AD.

Evidence of this are the Thracian settlement and the destroyed Zagrad fortress. A very well preserved Roman road is located near Zaburdo. In the Chelevesnitsa cave, a skeleton of a cave bear, armor of a Roman warrior, and his armament were found.

The village is located in the valley of the River Zubrska. The main occupation here is agriculture and livestock farming, with a growing share of tourism and tourism. The area around Zabardo is favorable for the most diverse hunting.

Every year, on March 14th, a mummering feast is organized, that sends the winter and welcomes the spring. On ‘Martha’, as the holiday is called, there are kukeri who show the bad forces and pray for fertility and prosperity.