Pamporovo is the ski resort for skiers of all levels and is recommended as a good place for both beginners, as well as more experienced skiers. It includes several ski areas – Studenets, Stoykite, Malina and since last year – the beautiful Mechi Chal area with the longest ski path of about 7 km. There are competition slopes and an adequate ski lift system in the whole resort. The slopes range from 1,926 m to 1,450 m altitude on the Northern, Eastern and Western slopes of Snejanka peak and most of the ski runs actually start from the top of the peak. There are also three trails for cross-country skiing. The resort offers a Ski Kindergarten that is open from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm every day. Pamporovo, is reputed to be the sunniest mountain resort in Bulgaria. The resort enjoys more than 240 days of sunshine a year. Its climate is mild with the perceptible influence of the Mediterranean. Pamporovo, as a part of the Rhodopi Mountains is a unique place, famous for its negative air ionisation – being extremely beneficial to health. The average annual temperature there is 8.5°С and the blanket of snow in winter is between 140 and 150 cm.

Although the resort has developed mainly as a winter destination the mountain is extremely beautiful in the summer appealing to the lovers of all sorts of mountaineer activities – hiking, biking, bird watching, caving, fishing or just enjoying the treasure moments of life in the open.