Hrabrino is a village in southern Bulgaria, in Rodope municipality, Plovdiv region.

The village is situated in the Rhodope mountains at 15 km to the south-west of Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv. There are two large and expanding villa zones in the mountainous part of the village. There are also two rivers flowing through the village. Hrabrino is a starting point of tourist tracks leading to several refuges in the mountain.

The village presents one pleasant and peaceful place.

The center has a children’s playground and a café as well as a very nice pub-restaurant.

Urban transport is possible in 3 days per week, twice a day.


The village of Hrabrino is situated at an altitude of 350 m, 15 km to the south of the city of Plovdiv, where the Roman Road for Philipopolis passes.

Created at the end of the 10c., it had borne the names of Anthea, Kichuk Stamboul, Altin Dere, Sotir, St.Spas. Five rivers run through its territory, creating a favourable microclimate for cultivating fruit trees and vineyards. The only gunpowder manufacturer in the region is situated here.

On the territory of the village there were two Roman bridges, a church, an ecclesiastical school in the churchyard, Skalen Lav (Rock Lion) formation, the locality of Kaleto (a former fortress from Byzantine times)

In 2000 on the hill above the village, a new chapel was built for a record short time on the site of the old St. Dimiter Chapel, razed to the ground in 1968. Both the chapel and the Liberation’s memorial on the hill are rare tourist attractions and holy places for the population and tourists.

A reverberation of the past are the two Roman bridges, the ruins of three strongholds – Izvorskoto, Hrabrinskoto and Kara Bunar. Skalen Lav (Rock Lion) formation and Momina Skala (Maiden Rock) formation are natural rock formations on the hill above the village.

The principal occupation of the residents of Hrabrino is related to the production of fruit and vegetables.  (from the book “Municipality Rodopy”. Vion Publishers)


Photo source for the main photo> Wikipedia, author Vladimir Harbaliev

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