Chernozemen is a village, situated on the right bank of Stryama river and west of the Republic road II-64. In the area of the village there are many Thracian funerary mounds which have all been studied. Near the village, during the Roman Empire era, passes the Roman military road Via Militaris, used by the legions and also by merchants.

Chernozemen is located at about 20 minutes away from Plovdiv city by car. The road towards the village, is asphalt paved and in very good condition.

On the way to the village there are a fruit and vegetable market, roadside restaurants, a fishing creek, and Sarai Road Hotel.

Hissar and Starosel are located near Chernozemen (22 and 21 km away). The village provides a nice panorama to the Balkan Mountains, with its snowy peaks observed in October. Near the village there is a gas station as well as biomass electricity enterprise. The pavement of Chernozemen streets is in poor condition.

The village has mostly one-storey buildings. In the center there is a church and a large building that has been demolished, but the community center and the café are usable.

Nearby there is a river that provides fishing opportunity.

Access to the village is made by bus, train or taxi.

Properties in the region:

House in Chernozemen – near Plovdiv

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This nice house is located in Chernozemen village, which is near the city of Plovdiv.  …