Bansko is probably the best ski resort in Bulgaria with the longest ski runs and the richest cultural and historical heritage. The town of Bansko is situated at the foot of Pirin Mountain in the South-Western part of Bulgaria, 160 km from Sofia.

The new resort was developed around the old town several years ago and despite of the overdevelopment of some parts, Bansko somehow preserved its old spirit with the architecture of the new hotels and complexes following the traditions of the old stone masonry houses with numerous woodcraft elements, with the cobbled curving streets  in the old centre and  traditional restaurants called ‘mehana’ at every corner.

The ski area offers excellent ski and snowboard conditions and infrastructure, there are two ice rinks, mineral water pools in the nearby villages and a new golf course less than five kilometers from the town, but amongst the main advantage of Bansko is the fact that it is a living town with a vibrant heart with its citizens of all sorts – local, expats, tourists, bikers, hikers, mountaineers, skiers, snowboarders living in a perfect multicultural community. No matter whether you come for the skiing, to climb the highest peak in Pirin Mountain – Vihren or to enjoy the jazz fest in the summer you may have a great time in Bansko.